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Draft Remixing + the Lineup that Could’ve Been (Random Weekend Post #5)

December 20, 2009
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Slam has been doing Draft Remixes for the first ten picks starting from 2004 and counting down to 1984 (“the mother lode of NBA draft classes”) while Dime has done Draft Do-Overs for certain years between 1995 and 2006. You’ve got to conclude that KOC and his predecessor(s) have done quite well with the draft–

(with the exception of 2004, when we had three first round picks and took Humphries, Snyder, and Podkolzin. You know who was still on the board when we were picking? Al Jefferson (who was picked between Humphries and Snyder), Josh Smith (picked immediately after Snyder), and Kevin Martin (taken five picks after Podkolzin). I mean, just sit on that for a while. We wouldn’t have Deron, but we could have a starting lineup right now of Fes at C, AK/Al Jefferson at PF, AK/Josh Smith at SF, Martin at SG, and let’s say Mo Williams (the only one that ever got away) at PG. We’d probably also have Matthews (undrafted) and Sap (second rounder). Seriously, sit on that while I go bang my head against the wall and shed a few tears.*)

–as nine Jazz draftees, when remixed with 20/20 hindsight, were taken in or around the top ten picks in their respective years despite the fact that we’ve only had one top ten pick since 1983 (Deron in 2005).

To rehash:
in 2006, Dime had Sap (47th overall) going 9th and Ronnie B (14th) going 11th;
in 2005, Dime had Deron (3rd) going 2nd;
in 2003, Slam/Dime had Mo Williams (47th overall) going 7th/7th;
in 2000, Slam/Dime had DeShawn (23rd) barely missing out on the Top 10/13th;
in 1999, Slam/Dime had AK (24th) going 9th/7th;
in 1989, Slam had Blue Edwards (21st) barely missing out on the Top 10;
in 1985, Slam had the Mailman (13th) going 1st;
in 1984, Slam had Stock (16th) going 3rd.

[Just as an aside:
in 2002, Slam/Dime had Boozer (34th) going 3rd/4th;
in 2001, Slam/Dime had Memo (37th) going 5th/11th;
in 1986, Slam had Horny (46th) going 4th]

Um…ok, I’ve totally lost the plot here as I’ve written up this post because I can’t get over the AK/Jefferson/Smith/Martin/Williams lineup* that could’ve been.

*The head-banging and tears came harder and faster as I read about how the Jazz had promised to draft Sergei Monia with the 14th pick but ended up drafting Humphries because Portland took Monia 13th.

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