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Game 24 vs. Peskies: Automatic Loss

December 15, 2009

So I woke up yesterday morning with a frozen neck and I couldn’t turn or lift my head at all. I spent all morning at the chiropractor’s and am feeling only marginally better today. I took the day off today as I’m supposed to be getting rest and should not be sitting at my computer, but I couldn’t stay away from my Jazz game. But really, knowing that we were playing the Peskies, why did I bother?

Deron was all Ninja in the first half, but once the Jazz started playing classic Jazz ball and lost the lead, the Ninja melted into the mediocrity that was the rest of the team. Congratulations, rest of team, on your 7-19 from the FT line.

I have not the will to continue.

[shakes fist at sky]

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