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Game 22 vs. ORL: Inconceivable!

December 11, 2009

The words are not flowing from my fingertips. I really don’t know how to write this one up. The game started out like a continuation of the 4th quarter against LA–when Boozer said following that game, “We gotta have a short memory…move on,” he was NOT kidding. After a Boozer shot that Memo tipped in, the Jazz proceeded to go 1-7 on long jumpers while Ryan Anderson played like the newest inductee to the Nightly Jazz Killer Hall of Fame. In short, the Jazzmen looked like chickens running around with their heads cut off in the first quarter.

The home team was down by 19 before Ryan Anderson began missing shots Jerry lit into them at halftime (I’m assuming; Deron said in the post-game that Jerry made adjustments at halftime) and they somehow found the mental fortitude to fight back, take control, build a lead, and not collapse–all things that I question their ability to do on a daily basis. Of course, Deron (suddenly remembering that he’s currently 11th in All-Star West guard voting and/or that the game was nationally televised and therefore) going Ninja on the Magique also helped.

It wasn’t safe to breathe until the closing seconds of the 4th, but man the comeback was sweet and one to savor for the next two days, i.e. until the next game.

A couple of notes:
–It’s good to have CJ–or maybe it’s a pretty, natural stroke–[back] on the floor. I didn’t know until this game how much I missed him. I’m excited to see what the season holds for new mature Mr. Miles.

–I like Matty as a commentator. He’s intelligent, insightful, and has a good grasp on the game. This actually goes for Horny as well. Can we hire them as commentators? They could be called the MatterHorn Express. All aboard!

–This is the second day in a row that the game was on TV, and I was completely clueless to the fact. I really need to get into the habit of checking TV schedules, but it always seems to be a safe assumption that the Jazz aren’t on. Yay for replays!

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