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First look at the throwbacks with actual Jazzmen in them

December 4, 2009

The Jazz are supposed to debut the green throwbacks in the next game, but apparently neither the actual jerseys with the correct numbers on them nor the shorts have yet to arrive. As you can see, our boys were all asked to pose with either balls or their arms covering up the jersey number. Equipment manager fail? USPS/FedEx/UPS fail? China (assuming that’s where the uniforms are made) fail?

I’m all for changing it up, especially because I am not a fan of our current meh-blah uniforms, but for the record, I would have preferred “purple mountain majesty” throwbacks or the purple music note uniforms. I can probably do without the lavender accessories, though:

P.S. I am actually feeling NO’s court jester road alternates much, much more:

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