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The Mystery of Matty’s Fate and the Case of Another Unexpected Contradiction

December 3, 2009

The Mystery of Matty’s Fate:
According to Matty via Fanhouse, the Jazz will release a statement this week on his status and he’s been asked not to comment:

[Harpring]…told FanHouse on Tuesday he expects the Jazz to release a statement later this week or early next week on his status. Harpring said he’s been told by Jazz officials and his agent, Richard Howell, not to divulge what the statement will say.

However, according to KOC via desnews, Matty will make an announcement on his status this week and Jazz management have no comment:

Jazz general manager Kevin O’Connor said Wednesday “there’s a possibility” Matt Harpring will announce this week what the sidelined small forward’s intentions will be for the remainder of the season.

O’Connor said he had no comment on which way Harpring might be leaning, whether or not he’ll be available eventually this season or what the future has in store for the Jazz and their most-senior player.

Thanks guys. That clears things up.

The Case of Another Unexpected Contradiction:
Jerry is famous (or infamous) for his “starters never lose their jobs due to injury” approach, no matter how horribly the starter and how well the sub may be playing (see Hart v Price, 2007).

That’s why I was quite surprised to hear (read) Sloan say that he might keep Wesley Matthews in the starting lineup and have CJ come off the bench.

To his credit, CJ 2.0 (the new, improved mature version) had this to say when he was asked whether he expected to start:

“I doubt it. Why would I the way Wes and (Ronnie) Brewer are playing and the guys have been playing. I wouldn’t even want to be that guy to come in and mess up the chemistry. I just want to come in and help. I know they’re shorthanded at the wing position, so there’s definitely minutes there. But at the same time, I’m just going to play, stay within my game and do whatever I can do to help the team keep winning games.” (desnews)

Two things to take away from this:
1) Mature CJ rocks.

2) Thank the good Lord above that the young Jazzmen are not playing “follow the self-proclaimed leader.” (see quotes 3 & 4 here)

2a) Just for the record, AK also said two weeks ago, “I’m still involved offensively and defensively, so it doesn’t really matter (coming off the bench).” (desnews)

(Carlos, this would be a good time to open your notebook, uncap your pen, and take some notes.)

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