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Game 16 vs. POR: That feeling of hope is starting to bubble again, dammit…

November 30, 2009

The good: Wins don’t get much better than this.

The bad: We continue to drop like flies, losing Sap and AK in the 2nd quarter. Even with a 20-point lead in the 4th, we still had to play two starters to close the game because we were simply out of players.

The pretty: Deron and Boozer combining for 50 points (21-32), 17 rebounds, and 22 assists.

The ugly (and lazy):
or, in other words:

(There are “better” pictures of Oden’s forehead and the back of Boozer’s neck to be found on the Internet and probably even on my computer, but this is the laziest holiday weekend of the year after all, and I am feeling pretty lazy indeed.)

The bored: Towards the end of the game, the camera cut to KK yawning on the bench. With the lead at a comfortable, sizeable number, the boredom was palpable in the air as the video feed cut out for the final time and Yahoo GameChannel lost its will to continue and gave up on accuracy:

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