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Game 15 vs. CHI: I am thankful for…

November 27, 2009

…the good, solid, efficient, play-all-four-quarters win. Of course I am.

But I am a complainer by nature, so here are three things I am NOT thankful for:

1) The ridiculously late start time. I thought I might die of old age waiting for the game to commence. I had to run off to work at halftime, which brings me to the next item on this list–

2) My ridiculous work computer. Unless you have “administrator” status (which I don’t), you can’t install software. Guess what isn’t installed on it? Adobe Flash. Which means that I can’t play NBA audio (radio) streams or use Gamecast or GameChannel, much less watch the video stream (which was sooooo smooth and unbuffery today thanks to the millions of Americans too deep in food comas to click in).

3) Me. That’s right–this complaint is about myself. My official apologies to AK-47 for jinxing your awesomeness with my last post. I shall heretofore do my best to keep my enthusiasm in check and most importantly of all, silent and invisible.

All this on a day that produced arguably the best win of the season, sigh.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all.

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