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Ladies and Gents, Your BA Leader!

November 11, 2009

Hardwood Paroxysm’s new feature, Blockclocked, tracks “which players are getting their stuff sent away, out of here, gotten gone, rejected, denied, and heretofore blocked.” In the first installment, HP predicted:

I’ve got a feeling this might be Boozer’s time. It’ll all come down to whether injury slows down Crash’s persistence and numbers, or if Boozer gets lazy. But with a contract year in sight, I can see Boozer making a push for being the most often blocked guy in the league.

Unsurprisngly, Carlos is indeed leading the league in getting his weak stuff sent away as of the end of Week 2:

I feel good about Boozer’s ability to maintain here. He’s got the skillset and mindset to make this dream a reality.

Did anyone catch that little David Stern interview in which he claims he/the NBA did “nothing” to prevent Donaghy’s book from coming out? Give me a break. If truly “nothing” were done, we’d all be holding it in our hands, salaciously devouring the truth within right now.

Anyway, speaking of David Stern, the NBA, and game officials, Dwight Howard was fined for criticizing (although it was more complaining than criticizing) the officials on his blog just 24 hours after SJax’s agent went off on Don Nelson. That got me wondering…whenever NBA players have beef with the refs, why don’t they get their agents to complain for them? The NBA can’t fine agents, can they? Another route I’d take is signing up for a twitter/blog account and say everything I want to say, and then claim it’s not me when I’m taken in for questioning. Afterwards, I’ll *wink, wink* claim to the media that it’s not me so that everyone will know it is me. But maybe that’s just “late at night + I’m on meds” talking (although it’s only 9:58).

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