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Game 1 @ Denver: I boo you, Jazzmen

October 29, 2009

To quote BBJ from the slcdunk game thread:

All the months of waiting and anticipation and hibernated energy and adrenaline culminated in this moment: Tipoff. 24 seconds later, Jazz fans everywhere I was gripped by terror that the curse of last season lived, and this season was already over:

As Memo hobbled off the floor on one leg, words that I should not repeat here circled and whirled through my mind.

Memo eventually came back to play despite a mild ankle AND knee sprain, and hit all of the toe-on-the-line twos that he cast up, which raised the hope. Then the clock struck midnight in the form of Mr. Boozer and Cinderella was dressed in rags once more.

In the end, the Jazz did what they do best: play well enough to give us hope, and then cruelly kill it by reverting to their true selves despite all the pre-season talk about defense (stop me if you’ve heard this before).

I always laugh when I read scouting reports and player profiles and season/playoff previews and the like that talk about how strong Boozer is and what a beast he is in the paint. He could be, if he were to use his strength, but he thinks of himself as such a great player and/or hates contact so much that he is content jacking elbow jumpers possession after possession. Newsflash: “If at first you don’t succeed, keep failing” is not a mantra we want to be following. Of course, if you were listening to Boozer homer boy on KFAN, you heard about how horribly Sap was playing, how Boozer’s performance was the result of him “wanting it too much,” and how he got a double double. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Boozer has the highest number of no-impact, non-win-assisting double-doubles in the league.

Also unaware of FB’s futility was FB himself:

“I had some good shots – just missed ’em. They’re shots I’ve been making my whole career.” (desnews)

On a final note, hustle is its own reward:

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