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Preaseason Games 7 & 8: The Good News and the Bad News

October 24, 2009

The good news: Jazz win two straight on the road! (I have to say that while I can.)

The bad news: GAH!!!! Eeyeekalduk still has it in for us. KK is now awaiting surgery, Ronnie Brew didn’t even make the trip to Sactown due to back spasms, and Ronnie P was out as well. If you’re keeping count at home, you’ll know this meant we went to war today with just 9 players. Jerry even joked about having to make Ty Corbin suit up–and it maybe was only 50% joking. I’m going to repeat myself now. GAH!!!!

Other thoughts and stuff:
–“Kyle’s been grouchy, and mopey, and unhappy and everything else, for not being on the court.” — KOC (desnews)

–Does anyone else buy into the theory that the NBA staged the whole ref lockout thing and then told the replacement officials to be as sucky as possible so that when the real refs came back–on cue–for the regular season, fans would (hopefully) stop complaining about and questioning their objectivity / professionalism / delusions of grandeur?

–What with all the new drama surrounding Magic’s new, what seems to be MJ-HOF-speech-esque book, Isiah really owes Stock for getting his name mentioned in the press in a positive story for the first time in probably a decade.

–Er…good job, Forbes details checker who apparently thinks all white people look alike:

–Andrei talking about his new little girl:

–AK educating Boozer in the art of PR: “I don’t have a problem starting, I don’t have a problem coming off the bench…it’s not a big change in total perspective of the game. You just come to win.” (desnews)

The preseason is over. Let the games begin! (Lord knows I’ve been waiting long enough. Here’s hoping the reward will be sweet.)

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