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Preseason Game 6: Jazz win on the road!!! And it was the back end of a back-to-back!!!

October 19, 2009

In today’s edition of pre-season “If this doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will”:

And that’s about all the recapping I can do today, as I had a fantasy draft going on and could only listen to the radio stream with half an ear.

By the way, does anyone else find this hilarious?

…the NBA is not allowing the replacement officials to comment during the preseason (source)

So in a nutshell, Daddy thought Mommy (who was a little too full of herself) was spending too much money and has locked her in the tower to teach her a lesson. Now he’s stepping out on the town with the Mistress on his arm, but she’s too dumb to be allowed to talk. At the same time, he has also forbidden the Kids from talking to anyone about the Mistress because he’s afraid of being embarrassed in public. And just as an aside, Daddy won’t let the Kids stand because they are taller than his rich friends who pay him a lot of money.

*Technically, it was more of a neutral court than on the road, but whatever. After last season, us Jazz fans take what we can get.

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