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Preseason Game 5: @LAC

October 18, 2009

Another untelevised game, so I amused myself by keeping count of the–as Shums put it in the last SLC Dunk game thread–“stab out my eardrums with a sewing needle” “play for pay” references during the radiocast. The final tally was 12 through the first half, with 4 in the first quarter and a whopping 8 in the second. (No “straight as a string” in this game though.)

Game notes:
–Same old story. Jazz on the road, bad D, too many TOs, opponent–no matter how bad a team–shoots an unreasonably high FG%, opponent wins.

–KK2’s layup = eMay’s floater, i.e. neither has a shot of going in. KK2 was blocked three times in his first three minutes on the court and didn’t attempt another shot, while Maynor went 1-6 with his only FG coming from the top of the key. On the plus side, he had 7 assists and got to the line 11 times in 26 minutes.

–After grabbing 7 boards in the first quarter of the last game, Deron totalled 0 for his next 35 on-court minutes over 3 on-court quarters.

–The Jazz fell apart in the 3rd quarter with odious sequences like this:

–During one timeout, I found myself suddenly paying attention to a commercial for something called (I think) Donovan’s Chop House. A few seconds later, I figured out why I was sitting up and paying attention–it was Hot Rod. I MISS HOT ROD. (It’s unfair to compare Locke to Hot Rod, but the comparisons will be made whether you mean to make them or not. In all honesty Locke has been better than I thought he would be–endless “play for pay” references aside).

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