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Some More Off-Day Notes, Pics

October 5, 2009

1. Was AK’s new hair inspired by KK?

2. Memo working on his new baby hook and Boozer working on his mannequin defense in London:

3. Jerry Sloan is a pretty well-dressed, well-groomed guy compared to some of his tie-hating, Santa belly-toting colleagues. Since he never strays from basic, conservative colors like black, gray, and navy, it might surprise some to see that 1) he was once young; 2) he once dressed in head-to-toe Battier/Brooks red:

4. Both the sltrib and desnews reported that Boozer got a “subdued/ambivalent” but not openly hostile reaction from the crowd when he was introduced at the game against Denver, but in this video you can clearly hear the difference in reception between him and the other Jazzmen:

5. Great desnews article about where AK’s at and how all the money hasn’t changed the kind of guy he is.

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