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Off-Day Notes

October 3, 2009

–Marc Spears (for Yahoo) visited Utah several days ago to do an article on Boozer’s summer prickery and future with the Jazz. In the article, he noted that Boozer did not attend LHM’s wake or funeral. Boozer was also quoted as saying:

“Funerals are a tough thing to go through,” Boozer said. “After I saw [Miller] in the hospital, I wanted to remember him how I just saw him last. Confident. Happy. Not happy-happy, but happy enough to give us some words of wisdom for the rest of our season.

“That’s how I want to remember him. I didn’t want to go to his wake and see his body lying there. I didn’t want to go to his funeral, where it would be sad. I wanted to remember Larry as Larry, as a fiery competitor – happy, emotional, a leader.”

Siler followed up on the article:

According to our account in the Tribune, 11 of the Jazz’s 15 players last season attended Miller’s funeral. Boozer wasn’t one of them, but neither was Andrei Kirilenko, Paul Millsap or Okur, if memory is correct.

I noticed Boozer’s absence at the funeral back then, and I wrote a post that I never published because I couldn’t prove that he wasn’t there. [For the record, AK and Memo (religious reasons) were both absent at the funeral, but they both attended the wake.]

Anyway, now that this has been discussed by both Yahoo and sltrib: Boozer’s quotes really don’t help his reputation as a completely self-absorbed individual. He wanted to remember LHM a certain way. He didn’t want to go to the wake. He didn’t want to go to the funeral. How about going to the funeral for the sole purpose of paying your respects to and honoring LHM? Did that sentiment ever cross your mind?

If you are constantly calling yourself the leader and cornerstone of the franchise, what kind of message are you sending to all those that you purport to lead?  And should we take this to mean that Boozer has never attended a funeral in his life for anyone, since funerals are sad?  I’m ranting here, but I also have no words due to my inability to find words (I only have gestures and sounds) to describe the state of my mind when I have to listen to the words that come out of his mouth.

–AK has said on several occasions that he didn’t play for the Russian national team this summer due to personal family reasons, and it turns out that he and Masha are trying to adopt a child and are now in the home stretch (at least, that’s what I think Google Translate says; it also gave me this: “the [adoption] process a little more complicated than the banal copulation”).

And then there’s this:

This first visit “Jazz” in Europe. Once upon a time even with Karl Malone went somewhere, but it was so long ago, that’s not true. The leadership of “Jazz” allowed each player to take a flight on a private airliner for his wife or mistress or girlfriend, or just a woman with big tits, if they so choose. And rightly so! Sorts of things, suddenly the 12-hour flight to begin excesses at 10 thousand meters. Suddenly, the players will want to try something that never tried! And that we will close our eyes to children palm??

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