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Last Post of the Summer…

October 2, 2009

…barring further deterioration/loss of Boozer mind-mouth control, or a trade, or something.

Just one thought for now:

Look Jerry and Jazz officials, I understand what you’re trying to do when you compare Boozer to Karl Malone. I know you’re trying to kill the drama and defuse the tension by invoking Karl’s name when you’re asked about FB’s off-season prickery. But honestly, that’s an insult of massive proportions to Karl and I am offended by the comparison.

Karl Malone is a HOFer who missed 9 games in 18 seasons–and half of them were due to suspension. He worked his ass off year in and year out and never took a play off on either end of the court. He was never complacent, and came back every fall having improved on a weakness or with a new dimension to his game. Yes, he did make some stupid comments about money during several offseasons, but when the season rolled around, it was always like nothing happened and he was committed to the Jazz and to winning 100%. You knew he was playing for the competition and the love of the game, and not for the fancy mansion in Miami. Karl, like John, played through injury and sprains and strains and scrapes and floor burns and severed tendons that were flopping around, and guess what? We were none the wiser.

And that’s why we fans always forgave him and why he still has a special place in our hearts, and you know you can’t say the same for Boozer, who is the antithesis of everything Karl stood for. So please, don’t go comparing the two.

Scintillating news from around the league:
1) Dirk [feels the need to reveal that he] will eventually trust someone to deposit his slowing swimmers in. (Deadspin)

2) Phil orders Sasha to cut his hair. “I think Sasha played with his hair more than he played on the court (last season).” (SLAM)

Read this, it’s funny: The Circus is in Town.

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