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Video for the weekend and cleaning out the attic

September 24, 2009

These videos stoke the fires of my love affair with (for) AK.

In general, I agree with the way Jerry runs the team and the moves that KOC makes and doesn’t make. However, it really makes me sad to see what AK once was. Right now, I want to demand immediate changes to put AK in that situation again. I don’t think I’m crazy to believe that the Jazz would be unstoppable if that AK was playing for us right now.

I honestly don’t think that he’s checked out, so to speak, because he got the big contract that his next eight generations of descendants can comfortably live off of. I think his passion for the game has been checked by the situation he’s been put in. Imagine that you have a job you love and are great at, and that your boss decides to transfer you to a different department. You can do your new job well enough, but you don’t have that same passion for your new job, and the spark you used to have slowly goes out. Or, imagine that KOC signs some hotshot PG and Jerry moves DWill to the 2. Would DWill happily accept that situation, and continue to play with the same fire? And not that it makes a great deal of difference, but DWill hasn’t even gotten All-Star recognition yet like AK had before FB came along.

Other stuff:
–Stephen Jackson gets fined for making a trade request, but nothing happens to Boozer for lying about the Jazz saying they want to trade him and going on a radio tour of cities he wants to be traded to. You can’t tell me he was smart enough to figure out this fine-free strategy all on his own. His agent was in on this.

–Jarron Collins is headed to Portland’s training camp. On his time in Utah, he said, “It was an honor and a privilege to play for the organization and to play with all my teammates throughout the years and be around all the people in the organization.” Classy (and very well-spoken) guy, knew his role, did what was asked of him. No complaints from me.

–Fess left the Ukranian national team because the coach had an issue with him taking smoking breaks during games? “I watched game Ukraine — Hungary. It was moment when Fesenko leave bench and was out of game couple minutes. Some rumours that he smoke. After that was serious conversation between him and coach and after that Fesenko leave team.”

–FB makes the NBA All-Volatile Team: “Who else can guarantee to become quickly frustrated with his position within the roster, and basically mail in each game? Perhaps this nickname is the only similarity this guy has to Utah’s Mailman of yore – the “Mail-it-in-man”. With the competitive natures present on this team, his increasing lethargy as the season wears on is guaranteed to spark a furor or ten.” Shouldn’t he actually be on the All-Apathy Team?

Draft Remix: AK gets taken 9th in 1999.

–Thank the Good Lord above Media Day and Training Camp are just hours away. I’ve started to do fantasy mock drafts…for fun. Not for the experience or practice, but just to get my kicks.

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