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National Team Odds and Ends

August 25, 2009

1. Looks like I may* have spoken a little too soon about how wonderfully KK2 was doing with the Greek national team.

His last two outings have been described thusly:

Against Serbia: Having an amazing problem in the rebounding area, the Hellenic NT started the game quite nervously and remain back in the score with 18-21 due to the many rebounds lost. Radulica won 100% Kosta Koufos (213-F/C-89, college: Ohio St.) while Big Sofo tried a bit more but still there was a big problem in the specific area.

Against Serbia again a few days later: Kazlauskas seem to be quite problematic as Koufos for another game lost all the air-battles from Radulica and Cristic, while Bourousis was called an early third foul and was actually off the game most of the time, so in the center position it was only Big Sofo to handle all the Serbs.

This kind of puts a damper on certain hopes of mine as encapsulated below:

(KOOF image from SLC Dunk)

*It’s hard to tell from the recaps. And by “tell” I mean “understand.”

2. As for Fes, his agent is talking and forgive me for not believing a word of the following:

“He had a family thing to attend to and the team was playing some younger players, so it was kind of mutually agreed upon,” Lash said. “… And just with his schedule, wanting to get back here and getting ready for the (NBA) season, it was something we had kind of spoken about ahead of time.”

“The main focus is just being ready for training camp with the Jazz right now more than anything. I think that’s 100 percent what’s on his mind right now.”

3. Speaking of national teams, Vujabic got cut from the Slovenian national team. (snicker, snicker)

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