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Cleaning House

August 7, 2009
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Moving + August = no time and nothing to post.

While going through stuff and packing, I 1) discovered that literally 50% of my worldly possessions is shoes (which I have never regretted until now that I had to pack them and will have to unpack them); 2) came across some 15-year old phenomenal swag, ranging from a black practice jersey with the music note logo on it, to a license plate with the music note logo on it, to two Mailman posters:

I still remember getting these at the new NBA store (which didn’t stay open very long) that had opened up a block away from my high school. The posters were super expensive to high-school-kid-me, and whether that was because they were imported or framed or kids are easy to fool I don’t know, but they were so big I couldn’t carry them and had to get my parents to drive me to the store to bring them home.

This is a sticker, but I used to have the actual pennant too. Love the mailbag detail.

Back in high school, my sister made me a music note Jazz logo out of puffy paint. It was stuck on my mirror at my previous house and has been on my current mirror for 13 years. When I peeled it off just now (carefully of course, because I plan to stick it on the mirror in the new house), the outline remained etched on the mirror.

OK, enough about me. Onto real Jazz stuff…

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