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Jazz Fans (Bloggers) Have Never Been This United

July 30, 2009

In chronological order:

Jazzing It Up

Please, be quiet.

The Cowhide Globe

Seriously, shut-up!

Living and Dying by the Jazz

Just STFU already

True Blue Jazz

Shut the fVck up and play…Seriously, just shut the fVck up…

SLC Dunk

“Boozer, I wish you would shut your big yapper!”


Dude, just shut up.

On a side note, David Locke is trying to convince listeners that ESPN Chicago got FB on the air under false pretenses (by saying that the interview would be about his basketball camp) and poor FB got bamboozled when they started asking him free agency questions. Meanwhile, 1280’s morning show is on a mission to get Boozer on the air, and has left Pelinka something like 15 voice mails so far.

Note: The pacifier in the picture above is 14K gold and studded with diamonds, and has a price tag of $17,000. I hope Boozer can afford such a luxury, with the economy the way it is…

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