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Top 5 Most Dumbass FB Quotes of ’08-’09

July 12, 2009

(Note: Like BBJ and I’m assuming every other Jazz blogger out there, I am trying to churn out all the half-conceived Boozer-related posts in my “Drafts” because it’s looking more and more like he won’t be in a Jazz uniform much longer (Please Lord…)) So, here goes my version of a Carlos Boozer season recap:

1. December 17, 2008: “I’m opting out. No matter what, I’m going to get a raise regardless. I am going to opt out, I don’t see why I wouldn’t.”

Why this made the list: the Jazz were in the middle of an East Coast road trip and had been struggling all season long with injuries and morale. Boozer had sat out the past 15 games with unspecified, general ailments (soreness, bruising). On this night, the Jazz mounted a furious comeback from 22 points down and got a great win that could have potentially turned their season around. However, at the end of the day, it was all. about. Boozer. I won’t even going to get into the economy and how people are out of work and starving, and Boozer wanted a raise on his $13 million salary. Not to mention he ultimately decided to opt in (quote source).

2. December 18, 2008: “First of all, I just want to say when I was talking to Chris [Sheridan] yesterday, obviously I was thinking it was more of a casual conversation…he said, ‘Booz, you’re probably going to get a raise.’…He basically put that in my mouth…I didn’t even use that word. I don’t talk like that.”

Why this made the list: To refute the lies that Boozer was telling about him, Chris Sheridan played the tape of the interview for several SLC reporters. The first thing we heard was Sheridan asking Boozer if it’s all right to have the interview on record. Later on, we heard Boozer saying the exact things he was quoted as saying, including the word “raise.” Saying all that stuff was bad enough. Lying about it afterwards–even worse. (quote source)

3. April 2009: “I AM a starter, hands down, period.”

Why this made the list: The Jazz were struggling again, and Jerry mentioned that he was considering the possibility of bringing Carlos off the bench. This was Carlos’ response. Always putting self above team. Always about what’s best for me, never about what’s best for team. That’s hopefully-soon-will-no-longer-be our Carlos. (quote source)

4. April 2009: “I think I had a phenomenal year…As a leader of this team and a cornerstone of this team, I feel like I let my teammates down by not making shots.”

Why this made the list: There’s so much going on here, let’s just ignore the ridiculous flip-flop from “phenomenal” to “let my teammates down.” Clearly, in Carlos’ book, missing 50+ games = a phenomenal year. He did have a financially phenomenal year–sat on his ass and got paid. I can’t refute that. And then there’s the leader and cornerstone part. Really, Carlos? What on God’s green earth would lead anyone to think that this is anyone but DWill’s team? Unless, of course, he means leader in games missed and dumbass quotes and cornerstone of injuries and suits. That, I can’t refute either. (quote source)

5. June 2009: “…obviously, I put the ball in [the Jazz’s] court. You know, I told them I wanted to be there–and we’ll see how they respond, and how they approach me / my agent (Rob Pelinka) has been talking to their GM (general manager Kevin O’Connor)… / on June 30th I’ll decide either to opt in or opt out.”

Why this made the list: Boozer said these things during an interview with Jim Rome after the Jazz’s season ended. First of all, he’s the one that gets to decide whether he opts out. How is the ball in the Jazz’s court? Second of all, referring to KOC, his boss for the past five years, as “their GM” is so typically Carlos. Third, he’s going to decide whether to opt out on June 30th? Please refer to Quote #1. (quote source)

What was the smartest thing FB said all year? It’s got to be this:

December 2008: “I’ve been instructed to say that the front office with the Jazz and my agent will work everything else out…” (quote source)

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