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Odds and Ends Hodgepodge

July 6, 2009


1. I’m being punk’d…

[The Jazz] engaged in recent trade talk with the Houston Rockets about a possible deal that would have brought…Tracy McGrady to Utah for small forward Andrei Kirilenko.

Why doesn’t the Jazz front office just kill me now? This has got to be an April Fool’s Day (in July) joke, right? Because the only reason I could see this even being discussed is salary, and the next paragraph of the desnews article says:

The Jazz, however, have no current desire to make the trade–for reasons including, but not necessarily limited to, McGrady’s health situation and contract status.

If the Jazz manage to trade Boozer, and AK gets all the backup 4 minutes and nothing changes, then maybe I will concede that it’s maybe time to maybe call it a day. But I’m not ready to give up on him yet. As I’ve said often and often and often, I think AK still has amazing ball in him, and I want to see it while he’s wearing a Jazz uniform.

2. In other news, the Knicks tried to trade for MoAl last year. Who did they offer up? Is Shandon Anderson still on their payroll?

3. Is that a new Jazz logo I see?

Can’t say I’m crazy about the font. Also, since the music note was the “J” in “Jazz” in the original logo, does this actually say “Utah JJazz”?

4. Interviewed recently while he was signing autographs at the opening of a new Fanzz store, Ronnie P had this to say:

“I’m in this organization’s corner,” Price said. “I’ll never say anything bad about this organization or anybody that’s affiliated with this organization. I’ve had a great two years here and I would like to have more years here.

I was pretty disappointed with the way my season went, personally, and I think that it’s in my hands in order to play or not play.”

Here’s to the Jazz bringing back Ronnie P. He’s a class, class act, a team guy, has a great attitude, and is not a cancer. What a nice change from certain other people.

5. An oldie (that I just came across) but definitely a goodie: Why John Freakin’ Stockton Was So Freakin’ Fantastic.

6. The worst part about KK, FB, and Memo all opting in, according to Dime: “Utah will be expected to be good, so once again Sloan can’t win Coach of the Year.”


1. China (government + people) is seriously not doing itself any favors:

BEIJING (AFP) — A senior Chinese sports official expressed disbelief following a report that basketball icon Yao Ming may not play next season and could be facing a career-ending injury.

“But they did not say that he would miss the coming NBA season, nor did they say he would miss the (2010) World Championships,” [CBA vice head] Hu [Jiashi] was quoted as saying. “I believe his injury has not progressed to such a stage.”

“The Rockets don’t want Yao to leave, so they hope to sign him early, this is the way to bring his price down,” a posting said. “As soon as Yao Ming signs, his doctor will immediately say he can play again, 182 games will be no problem” (source).

Typical. They broke Yao, and now deny that he’s broken.

My email exchange with C on this:

Me: yao might never play again. this is the chinese govt’s fault.
C: WHAT??? Poor Yao!!! China totally forced him back for the Olympics, this has to be related.
M: i think once the censors get hold of this email you will be blocked from getting online forever
C: I love China!!
M: the chinese govt and chinese ppl (look at them there!) are not doing themselves any favors.
C: Definitely NOT a great bunch of lads.

(Here’s the “Father Ted” reference for those with an irrepressible sense of curiosity and three minutes to kill.)

2. Indiana’s transformation into Team White was a deliberate move on the part of Larry Bird?

3. News out of…well, I’m not sure where, really–could be Orlando, Portland, Toronto, Turkey, or other–is that Hedo chose Toronto over Portland because 1) his wife really wanted to live there (source); 2) it’s closer to Turkey and a more cosmopolitan city; 3) “Plus, he’s already spent significant time in the city as co-host of The Basketball Jones” (source). Ha.

Two notes here: 1) It makes you wonder how often wives influence player decisions [insert your own Jackie Christie comment/joke here]; 2) It’s funny how Euros (or maybe it’s just Turks?) and Americans see things so differently. To American players, Toronto and SLC are like free agency wasteland. Meanwhile, Hedo wants to live in Toronto and Memo loves living in SLC and wants to finish his career a Jazzman.

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