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July 1, 2009
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I literally screamed in frustration when I heard the news. It was right after I got up, so as of 6:40 a.m., my day was ruined.

It is apparently against FB’s makeup/being/morals to keep his worthless word.

ugh. forget about capitalization and punctuation and coherence and whatever (kinda like pre-marriage/dressing nice, smelling nice, best foot forward; post-marriage/shorts and a wife beater, fused to the couch, no effort to keep stomach in). i’m defeated.

incredulity was pouring out of my disbelieving ears when i heard the 1320 guys trying to convince the public that FB opting in was super great and would result in lots of wins (if that’s the case, how come no one else wanted him?) and that the general consensus was positive*.

now, i don’t know how many wins this team will produce**, but the general consensus is far from positive. i frequent way too many Jazz sites (possibly at the cost of, you know, a social life) and the majority of fans feel the way I do; doomsday, we’re screwed, disgust; frustration. in fact, as the seconds to the deadline ticked down, posts like this were going up:

We need to establish f-word usage parameters before Booze opts-in, just to manage the immanent barrage. Are we suspending the F-word ban for, say, a 24 hour period? Or should we just use F%&$ and F&$%ing and that dumbf#$%? (source)

**we had this roster last year and yes, the Utah Jazz were the Utah Walking Wounded last year, but that doesn’t change the fact that we didn’t play defense and had locker room/chemistry issues–which can only get worse from here on out–and lost those games to gs and Minnie with our full roster.

as for winning, let’s just remember one thing: boozer can either play 60+ games well and then in april fade away faster than his jump shot (his body and possibly brain are just not built to play that many games), or he can sit out one-third or half the season, resulting in a low playoff seed if we get into the playoffs at all, and play great in the postseason as we get eliminated fast.

*i know that they have to say stuff like that since they’re paid by the LHM Group, but come on, at least make claims that are believable. unsurprisingly, 1280 told it like it was: fans are not excited to have carlos boozer around,. they also aren’t scared to admit that fb plays no defense which no one in the history of 1320 has ever done.

the good news about Memo opting in has been completely overshadowed. i can’t get excited today.

i pray koc’s phone bill breaks the bank this summer, the same way boozer broke the jazz bank. here’s to another year of anti-defense. yippity yay yay doo dah crap.

if we lose sap, i suggest we follow ____’s suggestion (i can’t remember now who it was that said it), and trade FB for Sap.

oh, and remember when LHM called boozer’s “i’m opting out, regardless” comment one of the top ten stupidest things he’s ever heard an NBA player say? that comment has just shot up to #1.

/end rant

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  1. Patrick permalink
    July 3, 2009 4:20 am

    Is FB short for F$%#$ing Boozer? What’s the story behind that one?

    • dwillfan permalink*
      July 3, 2009 6:40 am

      yeah it is. no story…it just came naturally two seasons ago as i watched him play D (or, to be technically correct, not play D)


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