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Jazz Draft History: Fashion and Girlfriend Edition

June 28, 2009

For the past quarter-century, our very own Mailman has, without fail, scored a mention in every single discussion worldwide on one particular topic: draft day suits. So let’s just go ahead and give him the “Most Memorable Draft Day Suit” award.

Which player, however, is able to lay claim to the super ultra-coveted “Best Draft Day Suit in Utah Jazz History” title? There aren’t as many contenders as you’d think–the reason being a two-decade long lottery famine. Karl Malone (drafted in ’85) was the Jazz’s last in-the-green-room lottery pick until we scored DWill in ’05. And since then, we’ve added only one more to the list: Ronnie B in ’06.

The only other candidate I could find* was Thurl Bailey (’83), who apparently wore a name tag in case people didn’t know who he was:

So…no offense to the Mailman or Thurl, but we really only have two finalists to choose from. I’d stick up a poll here, but it’d be rather embarrassing when it closes two weeks from now and only one vote has been cast.

If Karl’s suit is the biggest off-topic story in Jazz draft history, the second is no doubt the smoking hotness of DWill’s then-girlfriend-now-wife Amy. (DWill’s draft video is here.)

Bill Simmons: “Deron has the hottest girlfriend since Casey Jacobsen’s girlfriend turned Craig Sager to jello in the 2002 draft.”

NBA Blog: Another sidebar: How H-O-T was Deron Williams’ girlfriend/wife? I love this game.

NBA Blog one post later: Seriously, Deron Williams’ ladyfriend was attractive. Best looking girlfriend/fiancee/wife since Curtis Borchardt’s ladyfriend a few years ago.

Wagercom: I was all set to talk about how it is apparently pronounced like “Darin” and not “De-Ron” but then they showed his girlfriend and I didn’t care about how you pronounce his name. She was smoking hot, kid and all.

RedFlagDeals (whose tagline is “Canada’s Bargain Hunting Community” so I don’t know why this NBA WAGs discussion is going on but whatever): …oops, and oh, Deron Williams’ wife is also hot. / Good call, I was stunned when I saw her during the NBA draft. Utah probably drafted his girlfriend, and took Deron as a throw-in…

Go Greece Lightnin’ Go: Some loose ends from the draft recap… I somehow forgot to mention Deron Williams’ hot as hell girlfriend.

CollegeHoops: I think this pick is great, if not just for the fact that Williams wife is smoking… his girlfriend was just great.

Spartan Tailgate (“Where Michigan State Fans Gather”): She is Deron Williams’ girlfriend and the mother of his 2 year old daughter, Denae. She is also way SMOKIN hot and looked amazing last night at the NBA draft.

And that’s just a sampling.

1) Stock, Darrell Griffith, and Kris Humphries didn’t attend the draft (correct me if I’m wrong on Griffith and Humphries);

2) Dominique Wilkins is eliminated from contention because he never played for the Jazz.

3) While “researching,” I found this Boozer quote:

“But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve dressed up more. I’ve matured, I wanted to take (the game) as a business approach. Not that basketball is work but the approach to it is work-like so I’m going to dress like a professional.”

He sure does put them suits to good use, doesn’t he? Way more so than his cheapie Jazz uniform.

The countdown is reaching its final moments. Don’t f*ck this up, Carlos.

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