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Draft Fashion and Notes

June 27, 2009

Purple was definitely the color of the day. Both Stern and Griffin were decked out in purple…

…as were a bunch of other guys:

Meanwhile, mint and gray seemed to be the color combination of the day:

Oh the irony: Darren Collison, who declined to work out for the Jazz because he didn’t want to play limited minutes behind DWill, got picked up by…NO. Wonder how that press conference went.

Winner of the “Dude, your pants are too tight” Award: Jonny Flynn.

Winner of the “A white guy can’t get away with this outfit” Award: Terrence Williams.

Co-winners of the Lebron James-Greg Oden “Benjamin Button” Award: Sam Young and Jonny Flynn.

Top 3 NBA Lookalikes: Jonas Jerebko/Curtis Borchardt; James Harden (whose bowtie is growing on me)/John Salmons; Patty Mills/Jameer Nelson.

Worst draft portraits: Henk Norel and Ricky Rubio.

–Selection of random guys that somehow got draft portraits taken by the NBA (besides the aforementioned Jerebko (39th pick)): the aforementioned Henk Norel (47th pick), Sergey Gladyr (49th pick), and Nando De Colo (53th pick).

–Out of nowhere, Brandon Jennings (picked 10th) popped up on stage four picks later–kind of like he was at an awards show and accepting an award on someone else’s behalf. He was not only late, but showed up after checking the “not attending” box on his draft invite. David Stern was placated, however, by the fact that Jennings was sporting the exact same outfit as him.

–Indiana further cements its status as the whitest team in the league by picking up Tyler Hansbrough to go along with Diener, Dunleavy, Foster, McRoberts, Murphy, and Rasho. This was also the second year in a row that Indiana took the Jazz’s widely-projected draft pick (Hibbert last year).

–Rubio didn’t show up for his press conference in Minny. Here he is trying not to cry last night:

(Just as an aside, I’m pretty sure he waxes his eyebrows. No way he has eyebrows that thick and it’s not naturally a unibrow.)

Dime on BJ Mullens: Mullens is a steal at 24 for Dallas. Yeah, he’s young and inexperienced, but a lot of that was Thad Matta really dicking him on PT this year, which I honestly think was Matta’s effort to keep Mullens in school for another year.

Found this interesting, because it seems that Matta was also busy dicking KK2 last year. I can’t remember where I heard this, but supposedly (one of?) the reason(s) why KK2 slipped in the draft was due to Matta giving less-than-glowing recommendations to teams because he was pissed that KK2 had entered the draft and wasn’t coming back to Ohio State. KOC and the Jazz FO made the decision to draft him based not on talking to Matta, but talking to other teams that KK2 had worked out for before the draft. Kostko’s high school coach even blasted Matta in the press, calling him “clueless.”

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