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Odds and Ends plus an Anecdote

June 23, 2009

–You know how there are some people in this world that can’t conceive of a better or more fascinating pasttime than making other people look at pictures of their kids? I was at a dinner party recently when everyone started pulling out their phones and passing them around so everyone else could coo over their kids/nieces/nephews. So I busted out my phone and passed it around to introduce all of them to the person on my wallpaper: “Everyone, this is Deron.”

–The NBA has announced that the Pacers and Nuggets will be playing a pre-season game here in October. (The League identified the teams as “Indiana Pacers” and “Denver Nuggets.” Locally, however, it’s known as “Carmelo and 19 other random tall guys.”) Should I shell out big bucks so I can hold up a “Please send the Jazz next year” sign? I suppose that would be cheaper than plane tickets to London/Madrid.

–What kind of thoughts do fans occupy themselves with during the offseason? Well, for one, whether Carlos waxes, shaves, or got laser hair removal.

–When NBA draft-day blunders are retroactively “fixed,” DWill gets drafted #1 in 2005 because CP3 is a little shrimpy shrimp.

–Let me just preface draft talk here at “Living and Dying by the Jazz” (and this is likely the only draft talk you’ll find here this summer) by saying that I know nothing about the draft or draft prospects, except that many mock drafts have the Jazz taking Tyler “Psycho T” Hansbrough because he is big, white, and hard-working, and that makes him and Utah a Match Made in Heaven.

However, after reading this, I am throwing my uninformed weight behind drafting Sam Young, who “knows nasty,” “has a tendency to play with tenacity on defense,” and plays through freak injuries (“freak” = getting a pole on the vertical leap-measuring machine impaled in the bicep for an hour and having to hang there on the machine until help + chain saw arrive).

Empty the Bench lists Young as one of this draft’s three “Players Who Will Be Better than Expected,” saying:

Young gained notoriety at Pitt for his offensive exploits, notably his explosive dunks and best-in-the-world shot fake. His size, athleticism, and workmanlike dedication to improvement will likely result in his becoming a defensive specialist in the mold of Ron Artest or Trevor Ariza, however. He’ll be the guy asked to stop shooting guards through power forwards, and as an added bonus, Young’s jump shot and rebounding are better than expected. He has the smarts and attitude to be the ultimate glue guy for any club.

Athleticism, workmanlike dedication, and defensive specialist? Break me off a piece of that…

–Stock is mentoring young guys:

As the point at his alma mater, Pargo got to know Stockton well. “Throughout the year John and me have our conversations, our heart-to-hearts,” he said. “He’s always there whenever I needed him,” Pargo added, “and I can call him right now today and say I’ll be in Spokane tomorrow to work out and he’ll be right there for me. I love him for that.” (desnews)

–Dirk goes straight from “As with all things coming from this woman’s mouth, we are highly skeptical” [about her pregnancy] to filing for sole custody of the unborn child. He is such a winner.

–An idea for re-aligning the league into the following divisions:

**Misplaced Mascots: (Lickers, Grizz, Kings, Raps, Jazz)
**Ferocious Animals: (Hawks, Bobcats, Bulls, Bucks, Peskies)
**Ferocious People: (Cavs, Mavs, Warriors, Blazers, Wizards)
**Non-ferocious People: (Celtics, Pacers, Clips, Hornets, 76ers)
**Random Objects: (Nuggets, Pistons, Nets, Knicks, Spurs)
**Global Warming: (Rockettes, Heat, Thunder, Magic, Suns)

Good read about Most Valuable Loser vs. Most Valuable Me.

–The countdown marches on. 7 days left to opt out, Carlos.

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