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Honey, it’s a basketball game

June 17, 2009

Big hair and full-on makeup? Check.

Low-cut evening gown? Check.

Huge diamond ring? Check.

Flagrantly ignore rule about always taking off one accessory before heading out the door? Check.

OK, ready to go…


I’ve been not clicking on nauseating championship articles. Today, I decided to see what crazy outfit ‘Nessa wore to the arena. She did not let down my expectations for ridiculous.

Concidentally, C sent me this post today about Mrs. Bryant and her ridiculous taste in bags (along with a comment expressing surprise that Nessa left her tutu at home):

I don’t mean to beat on [Vanessa] for no reason, she is just not a nice person and apparently does not know how to shop either. A friend of mine lives in their gated community in Laguna and saw her screaming at the gate guard after he greeted her with, “Good evening Mrs. Bryant”. She stopped the car, turned it around and went back to shout, “DO NOT EVER TALK TO ME!”. I mean, it’s not like he said, “That bag of yours is ridiculous” or something. Which is what I thought but was polite enough to keep to myself (to her face, I mean).

P.S. It’s nice to see that like the Boozers, the Bryants have reconciled.

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