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Odds, Ends, and Thoughts

June 10, 2009

–How badly did the Sixers regret trading KK? I ask because they have just traded to get him back in the slightly more expensive form of Jason Kapono. The Sixers gave up Reggie Evans (he of got-a-technical-for-slapping-KK’s-butt-last-season fame) for Kapono.

–Will the Jazz keep Fess around? We haven’t gotten much of a chance to really see him play or see if/how he has developed, and I have to say that I lean towards giving him more time simply because I thirst for a real big man in the middle (how long has it been since we’ve had a 7-footer in there?) Then again, there’s no point in keeping him around just for one game a year against Yao Ming. I do think he could be a serviceable center, but how much time do you give him before you cut the cord?

–I really don’t understand the mentality of those people that talk about how you can’t replace 20 & 10. Boozer is an incredibly talented offensive player (and yes, offense is what NBA players get paid for), but find me a fan that would take 20 & 10 for 50 games per season (and I’m being kind there with the “50”) over 16 & 8 for 80 games per season.

More thoughts on Boozer vs. Sap:
**Jerry’s system plays up Boozer’s strengths and makes him look better than he would elsewhere. On the other hand, Sap would create a niche for himself anywhere due to his innate hustle and nose for the ball. How many times have you watched Sap on the court and thought to yourself, “How in the world did he frickin’ get that board?” Yes, Boozer gets a lot of boards, but a lot of them are uncontested, i.e. his teammates defer to him to pick up the ball when 8 guys are already halfway down the floor. The fact of the matter is, Boozer doesn’t fight for boards the way Sap does.

**Sap has a high ceiling for improvement in different areas, and I do think that he will work to maximize his skillset. Can the same be said for Boozer? He doesn’t seem to think that his game has any deficiencies. Listen to him talk for longer than a minute, and you’ll hear him pronounce himself “a great player” and then elaborate on how great he is.

**The Pistons apparently prefer Sap over Boozer. No surprise there. We never have to question Sap’s effort, if he’s dogging it, if he’s giving it his all. Or worry about Sap sticking his foot in his mouth and creating unnecessary drama in the locker room. Not to mention “snake” is not the most common word/phrase used to describe him.

**Devin Harris wants Boozer bad based on “kind of” playing against him “a couple of times” during the summer and thinks that Carlos would complement their rookie. It’s unfortunate that Devin wields no check-signing powers.

[One astute SLAM commenter pointed out that “in this case ‘screwing Utah’ would be NOT opting out.” Ha.]

My first thought was that Harris and Carlos share an agent, which turns out not to be true. While researching googling to find that out, I came across Boozer’s agent’s website:

Ironic how 13 of the 14 players have “full-length” body portraits, while Boozer is missing legs (knees, hamstrings) and one foot. I’m just sayin’.

**I’m not saying that Sap can replace Boozer’s offensive production, or that I think Sap is a better player. All I’m saying is that 1) Sap and a combination of other players under contract (AK, Memo if KK2 plays some minutes at the 5) could make up for Boozer’s production; 2) We have to account for the possibility that Boozer’s presence on the team is detrimental to team chemistry.

**That said, if there is a bidding war for Sap, I don’t think the Jazz should overpay for him. Yes, they need to keep him to stay competitive next season, but a repeat of the CJ situation would not exactly be ideal.

**In conclusion: if I had to pick only one of Boozer, Sap, and Memo to keep, I’d keep Memo in a heartbeat.

–Random picture of the day–Memo with Tarkan (from

Has it really been ten years since “Simarik” came out?

–Random thought of the day: It’s completely ridiculous that Game 3 starts at 9 p.m. Eastern time when the game is in ORLANDO.

The countdown continues. Carlos, only 20 days left for you to opt out.*

*I guess I couldn’t get through this post without mentioning the latest Boozer interview.

As expected, Boozer has gone back on his “I’m opting out. No matter what, I’m going to get a raise regardless. I am going to opt out, I don’t see why I wouldn’t” statement and is now saying, “on June 30th I’ll decide either to opt in or opt out.”

During the interview with Jim Rome, he also talked about:

**his need for being wooed as the clear-cut top free agency prize of 2009: “…obviously, I put the ball in [the Jazz’s] court. You know, I told them I wanted to be there–and we’ll see how they respond, and how they approach me”;

**how out of touch he is with current economic conditions and his need for financial security despite making $12.7 million per year: “And this is a good opportunity, in such an insecure economy, to secure myself financially doing something I love to do. I’m very appreciate of that, and to have a chance to do it is very advantageous (for) me”;

**how awesome he is: “I think we have a chance to [win a championship]…I think I’m a huge piece of that puzzle.”

For more on the subject, go here.

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  1. Nick permalink
    June 13, 2009 5:58 am

    Nice quote from Boozer about securing himself financially despite making $12.7M.

    Reminds me of another winner in Latrell Spreewell in 2004 while making $14.6M he said “Why would I want to help them win a title? They’re not doing anything for me. I’m at risk. I have a lot of risk here. I got my family to feed.”

    Do they really expect anyone to believe they’re hurting for cash? I mean really. =P What he feeding his family anyways…diamonds?

    • dwillfan permalink*
      June 13, 2009 7:12 am

      either diamonds…or actual money.


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