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Some Odds and Some Ends

June 5, 2009

–How nice of David Stern to “reach out” to LBJ about skipping the mandatory press conference AND “withholding judgment” until pimp and puppet have had an intimate heart-to-heart. And then a scant 24 hours after Stern said all that and NBA spokesman Tim Frank told ESPN that LBJ would indeed not be fined as “we haven’t had any issues with him before at all,” Stern announces that LBJ has been fined $25,000.

And this is exactly why the NBA’s tattered, motheaten cloak of credibility lies in decrepit shreds around Tim Donaghy’s feet. Refs call a tech. League renounces it. Refs call a flagrant. League renounces it. Refs don’t make a call. League assesses flagrant (Smug Assface MUST be protected at all cost). League says LBJ won’t be fined. LBJ is fined. And I won’t even bring up different calls on different ends or Dwight-must-foul-out calls. The dictionary has a new definition for “joke.”

Final note on this particular topic: If the NBA doesn’t want to fine LBJ, that’s fine. But we better not hear about anyone else being fined for the same infraction at any point in the future.

–A wisecrackin’ Jerry Sloan is “expected back” next season. Hip, and hip, (and knee), and hooray!

–Who’s who?

On one side, we have the flight number of the Air France flight that went missing a few days ago. On the other, blatant, nauseating self-promotion. One is Mickael Pietrus. The other is Kobe Bryant. No prizes for correctly getting this Captain Obviousesque “Who’s who?” right.

–By now, we’ve all heard the Boozer to Houston rumors as well as the Boozer to the Nets or the Pistons rumors (originating from Peter Vecsey, therefore making them as credible as “Best Buy” rumors on NetsDailyBlog takes the Nets rumor a little bit further by reporting that Boozer “visited New Jersey May 8 with his agent, presumably talking to the Nets and telling our own PsychoNets34 that he was ‘house-hunting’.”

(Not to bring this up twice in one post, but–side note: If this had been posted at Jazzfanz, it would have “Best Buy” references all over it.)

Anyway, regardless of bothersome things like truth…Tick tock, tick tock. Only 25 days left for you to opt out, Boozey baby. Better get a move on.

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