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Slow Offseason Odds and Ends

May 31, 2009

–Picture Karl Malone in your head. OK, now read on. Hornets247 wonders about the disappearance of traditional power forwards in the game today (“In this round of the playoffs, every team but the Lakers field a set of fours that don’t exactly provide a complete set of those skills normally associated with Power Forwards”) and whether that’s a trend. Everyone that reads this blog knows that I am a huge proponent of getting AK more minutes at the 4. If Hornets247 is onto something, does that negate probably the top reason that some give for not playing AK at the 4, i.e. that he’s too skinny and can’t bang in the post against stronger guys?

–Speaking of AK, he made Steve Nash’s All-Euro NBA team NBA soccer team.

–About 6 weeks ago, I deduced speculated that Yeliz was pregnant (based on Memo’s subpar play at the end of the season). When he celebrated his birthday a couple of days ago, Yeliz bought him a cake with “a family of four” on it. The post goes on to say that everyone was wondering whether there was some news to be shared, but Yeliz had the cake done that way “because Memo want[s] a son.” Well, that’s offseason news for you.

–In a recent post on his website, Memo said: “My family and I really love Salt lake City. When I signed with utah as a free agent, I was planning on finishing my NBA career here…I realize the NBA is a business, but I want to live another NBA championship and I would love to do it with a Utah uniform.”

–Did Stinking Rose piss off some reporters or something? He really is quite stinky in the media lately: he not only had his high school grades changed temporarily when they were mailed out to colleges (source), but also cheated on his SATs (source), and possibly has a sketchy brother (source), [Two Week Later Update] and a picture of him flashing gang signs is making dumbass headlines around the Intraweb.

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