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Poor David! Poor Nike!

May 31, 2009
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Before the Playoffs began, I didn’t think that DHo was ready for the big time; I thought he was still too raw to be able to carry his team. But he proved me wrong big time today, and looked every bit the MVP (that Magic fans were calling him). Big props to Patrick Ewing.

Last 12 minutes of Magic vs. Broken Hype Machine, Game 6 seemed to be the same sequence over and over again: Magic get the ball, thow it into DHo in the post, he backs Varejao in and then passes it out of the post to one of the shooters for a bucket. On the other end, LBJ does not get the ball much less shoot it. He’s physically there, but for all intents and purposes isn’t there. Cavs shot doesn’t go in and board goes to the Magic. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Granted I only watched the last quarter so I don’t know what went on earlier in the game, but what was up with LBJ’s complete disappearance down the stretch?

He also disappeared when the final buzzer sounded. Did he (or any other Cav besides 12-year old Delonte West) shake anyone’s hand before heading off the court? “The King” also apparently “refused to attend the news conference. He put on his headphones, left the locker room and walked straight to the team bus.” (source) Sounds like someone have some growing up to do. [For the record, C thinks that LBJ went to go yell at David Stern, as did Nike.]

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