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Woohoo Magic!

May 27, 2009
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Thoughts on last 17 minutes of Magic vs. Stern, Game 4:

–What a shot by Lewis at the end of regulation and what a shot by LBJ at the end of OT…

–DHo definitely gets the Yao Ming treatment from the refs. Otherwise known as the shaft.

–LBJ is incredible. BUT he has bought into his own hype, hook, line and sinker. I know I’m the one millionth blogger to say this, but he spends half his time on the court arranging his face into expressions of incredulousness over calls that don’t go his way or whistles that don’t get blown when an opposing player dares touch him. If he focused all that energy on just playing, there is a very real chance that the Cavs never get beat.

–The NBA would be smart to start promoting DHo as its face in China. He’s just immensely more likeable than the L’s two current Hos. Plus, he knows how to say “Hello” and “Thank You” (and “Hello” and “Hello” and “Hello” again) in Chinese.

–Insight from the wonderful Taiwanese commentators:
(after LBJ elbowed Pietrus in the face)
A: It takes courage to play defense like that.
B: I would have run away.
A: I would be in LBJ’s armpit, so he wouldn’t be able to hit me no matter how hard he tried.

(after Skip hit a big shot)
A: Who traded him?!
B: (excited giggling)
B: It was a trade.

–I couldn’t agree more with basketbawful reader Stepanie G., who says, among other things:

4. The refs in the whole playoffs but particularly in the Cleveland/Orlando series have been god awful. Can I get an amen? How can the NBA look at this and say yeah, this is an acceptable product, let’s not try to change anything next year? Games nowadays seem to mostly consist of players complaining to the refs all night, making pained faces, and flopping trying to bait calls, like a game within a game. And then pretty much every game thread on the two forums I visit are composed of people legitimately bitching about the refs anyway. It doesn’t help that it seems most of the refs are in their 70s and that LeBron is approaching Wade 2006 “I can do whatever I want and it’s a foul on you” mode.

6. Tell me I’m not the only one rooting for an Orlando-Denver finals out of spite for this whole contrived LeBron/Kobe propaganda campaign. I want to see vitamin water execs and the smug talking heads on ESPN [me: not to mention Nike and its muppets] jumping out of windows.

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