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Tru Love

April 30, 2009

Dear Ball,

Throughout my life, you have been my faithful companion. I could not have grown from a crimson bear into a Blue Devil without you at my side, and for that, I’ll be 4eva grateful.

We’ve had some good times through the years, haven’t we? Like all those times when someone tried to take you away from me, and I fought for you and proved my love with loose ball fouls…

Baby, I know that it’s been rough lately.

I know that I heartlessly ignored you for three straight months during the ball season, from before Thanksgiving to after Valentine’s Day.

I know that it’s humiliating for you when I yell at you and order you to “get in there!!!” in front of 20,000 people.

I know that when I order Memo to block you at the top of my lungs, it amounts to emotional abuse. Just like I know that when I order Memo to grab you, it amounts to cowhide harrassment. I just forget. I don’t mean to be so inconsiderate, honest.

And so, I’m going to close my eyes and let you go. And I don’t just mean out of bounds this time. If you come back to me, you’re mine. If you don’t, well, I saw a fine-looking sister of yours in Beijing last summer, then I guess you were never meant to be mine and I’ll be sad that I will no longer get to throw you up in the air as I fade away…


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