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Game 5 – No Show

April 30, 2009

We is gone fishing.

And that’s because the Jazz just were not able to pull it together. I wouldn’t say that they didn’t show up, but everyone only played well in spurts. AK had a great first half. Sap had a good fourth quarter. Ronnie P came in late in the game and FOUGHT in a way we haven’t seen from a Jazz player in some time. [Jerry said in the post-game, “I’ve never seen a guy play that hard in my life in that situation.” High praise indeed.] Until Ronnie P checked in, the only person showing any fire on the Jazz side was Jerry. That’s not exactly a recipe for success. DWill seemed to have left it all on the floor–in Game 2. And Boozer might as well not have played. Despite this, he chattily talked about how he’s knows he’s “such a huge impact player” in the post-game.

Thankfully, Basketbawful was there to put Boozer in his place in “Worst of the Playoff Night“:

Carlos Boozer: In what likely will be his final game in a Jazz uniform, the Boozeman went 3-for-8 from the field, finishing with 10 points and a plus-minus score of -11. That’s not Karl Malone lite. That’s not even zero-calorie Karl Malone. That’s Karl Malone’s jock strap on a bad day. It’s been a fun couple years, Carlos. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, okay?

Apart from Ronnie P, the only other thing that caught and kept my attention was DWill wearing an undershirt. He wore one in Game 4 as well, and it was the first time I’ve seen any Jazz player in one. (Yeah, it was that kind of game).

There is a silver lining to the Jazz’s season being finito: the Laker trolls that descended on Jazz sites and blogs roughly two weeks ago have now crawled back into their a) asses; b) holes; c) both of the above. And given just how obnoxious and putrid they were, that is indeed a very shiny silver lining.

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