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Game 82 – This is how it ends?!

April 15, 2009

Good News: The Jazz played a great 2+ quarters.

Bad News: The Jazz are still crap.

What an inauspicious, but perfectly predictable, way to close out the season. I should have more to say at the end of 82…but the Jazz SAPped that WILL right out of me.

To close out the regular season, I am publishing an open letter to Mr. Karl Malone, Somewhere in Louisiana, USA:

Dear Karl,
I’m so sorry to have taken you for granted all those years. I was always your biggest fan (until ’03 of course), I had your jersey, I had your posters, I knew all your stats, I could recite your All-Star intros, and I never begrudged those missed free throws. Even so, I now realize that I never appreciated you enough. I always took your effort on defense for granted. I always took your playing every game regardless of which body parts were torn or sprained or strained or swollen for granted. For so many years, I thought keeping in crazy shape and playing D and playing every game was what every power forward did. I now realize the ignorance and naivete and error of my ways, and I appreciate you and your contributions to the Utah Jazz indescribably more. Please come back…even if it’s just 10 minutes a night. You can teach our current squad a thing or two about being in shape and playing to win. And plus, even now, you know more about finishing at the rim and probably have more of a chance sending opposing players scuffling out of the lane when they see you barreling in than any of our current players.

Living and Dying by the Jazz / Jazzfanatical*

*Due to confusion over how to refer to this blog, I now realize that I should have made the URL and title the same. Oh well, too late. Either or both will do. ; )

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  1. April 18, 2009 1:36 am

    Wish you could have made the podcast I will let you know on the next one. I forgot where you live Im tying to figure out a way that we can do a conference podcast of some sort. I will keep you up to date. Here is the playoff podast


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