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Game 76 – Welcome to another episode of “A Series of Unfortunate Events”

April 4, 2009

Up by 21 24 15 in the 3rd at the end of the 2nd, the Jazz closed up shop for the night. What’s worse–if they consciously decided to close up shop for the night, or didn’t notice that they were turning out the lights and locking the door? By the time they realized what was going on, they were down 7 1 and there were only 2 7 minutes left [in the 3rd quarter]. DWill [sort of] awoke and [sort of] turned on the ninja and threw up missed jumper after missed jumper, but [it wasn’t enough] and the Jazz straggled their way to the finish line somehow ahead defeated again.

Overtime. DWill hit a bunch of FTs and AK [inadvertently, I think] connected on a huge, huge, huge 3 and got the and-1 to carry the boys to a W.

They [failed to] pulled it out in the end, but and let’s face it–good teams just don’t let things like that happen. Anyone that talks about us being a contender is just fooling himself. It doesn’t matter that there are ten nine six games left for them to “figure it out” and “see where we are.” If they haven’t got it by now, nothing’s going to change in the next two weeks ten days. I also submit that same argument, with “in the next two weeks ten days” being replaced by “ever,” to describe CJ’s future with the Utah Jazz.

The rest:

FAIL: The Jazz lose despite a +13 FTM and +14 FTA advantage.

FAIL: The Jazz lose despite having only 10 TOs to the Peskies’ 21.

FAIL: The Jazz get outrebounded 28-42, and the Peskies’ frontcourt outscores our All-Star duo 50-17.

FAIL: Ridicarlos Boozer 1-9, 5 rebounds in 30 min, 2 TOs, 2 BAs, worst +/- on team of -14. If you want to keep talking about how you’re not 100%, then that means you recognize that you have limitations. If you recognize that you have limitations, that means you make adjustments during games and don’t do the same stuff that you would if you were 100%. You focus on doing things that help your team, like getting boards and staying in front of your man. Not being made a fool by Ryan Gomes and shooting whenever the ball gets passed to you.

DOUBLE FAIL: I cannot totally blame Boozer for his horrible play. He shouldn’t have been in the game during the final minutes. Phil Johnson–1) Do you know how long it’s been since AK had a good game? He finally shows some life and still, he only gets 26 minutes? 2) Leaving Boozer in down the stretch.

SUMMER: Any player currently signed with the Jazz through next season and/or decides not to opt out must stay in Utah this summer and get the concept of defense beaten into them at defense camp. Any extra time will be spent on FT and dunk (not layup) drills.

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