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Game 73 – Enough with the deja vu already

March 31, 2009

Up by 21 24 in the 3rd, the Jazz closed up shop for the night. What’s worse–if they consciously decided to close up shop for the night, or didn’t notice that they were turning out the lights and locking the door? By the time they realized what was going on, they were down 7 1 and there were only 2 7 minutes left. DWill awoke and failed to turned on the ninja and threw up missed jumper after missed jumper, hitting two shots with 0:25 and 0:13 left to tie the game, but wasn’t able to connect on the one he threw up at the buzzer, but the Jazz straggled their way to the finish line somehow ahead.

Overtime. DWill hit a bunch of FTs and AK [inadvertently, I think] connected on a huge, huge, huge 3 and got the and-1 to carry the boys to a W.

They pulled it out in the end, but let’s face it–good teams just don’t let things like that happen. Anyone that talks about us being a contender is just fooling himself. It doesn’t matter that there are ten nine games left for them to “figure it out” and “see where we are.” If they haven’t got it by now, nothing’s going to change in the next two weeks. I also submit that same argument, with “in the next two weeks” being replaced by “ever,” to describe CJ’s future with the Utah Jazz.

UGH. Our Playoff hopes have taken on the form of a(n albeit good looking) suit.

We is broke and we need fixing. First, we need to try Price out at the point for a while and bring in some energy non-starters to start the 3rd quarter (DWill, AK, Brew, and Price come to mind. And whichever of KK2/Fess isn’t in the D-League). If other teams can play confusing lineups (hello NY with your 4 PFs on the floor at the same time), why can’t we? (Yes, I know the answer to that.) Anyway, all hope is not lost–Jerry did quit Hart for Price last season down the line. Get it done, coaching staff. There’s no time left to be figuring things out.

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  1. April 1, 2009 1:20 am

    Kinda scary how well your recap from the Suns game matched the game last night.


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