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Game 70 – Ronnie > Ron Ron

March 25, 2009

And we didn’t even need our other Ronnie to get the W.

This one was one of those everyone-pitch-in deals that saw DWill being DWill, KK being a stalwart defender, Ronnie B being the better Ron, and Sap being a man’s man. The Jazz were blocking the ball left and right like, well, like they weren’t the Jazz.

What’s up with AK and his minutes though? Phil said before the game that AK’s energy hasn’t been there, but is that the result of his not getting as many minutes as he wants, or is it the other way around? Whatever the case is, AK and the coaches need to get it sorted out because when he is on, it’s smooth sailing for us, especially as we head into the Playoffs.

As for Boozer, I say what I’ve said about other guys in the past: Work out your shooting woes in practice, at shootaround, on your own time, with Horny, whatever. Not during games, especially close games against West teams when your lead hasn’t been safe at any point in the game. The first step is admitting that your shot is off. Go from there. You love to talk about how you’re not 100% yet. So avoid these difficult long jumpers when you don’t have any lift or whatever the problem is. Seroiusly.

P.S. Another Jazz win that is supposedly headlined in the Daily Dime, but when you click in is all about the opposing (losing) team.

Whose fricking guizhuyi was it to have the Jazz play Chicago again in the pre-season? I’m saying it right now: DRose better not be feeling well that day. It’s all about Luol anyway. Maybe Meech will come by to say hello to Jerry.

Finally, two bits:

Deron Williams admitted that his third quarter–12 points, 6-for-6 shooting, four layups–came in response to a presumptuous first half by Oklahoma City rookie Russell Westbrook. The 24-year-old Williams even called the 20-year-old Westbrook “young fella.”

Ah…Love my grizzled vet DWill and the way he takes it to impudent little kids.

With birthdays for teammates Kyle Korver and C.J. Miles earlier this week and Ronnie Brewer on Friday (he turned 24), Jazz big man Kosta Koufos has been busy with rookie hazing duties. On Friday he sang “Happy Birthday” to Brewer, and the rendition came replete with a Greek-style dance.

Was a video or even photograph too much to ask for?

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