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Off Day Odds and Ends

March 14, 2009

Jazz Notes

The number 1, because after Wednesday that’s still the number of times the Jazz have beaten a winning team on the road this year. Yes, just once: a 120-114 overtime win at Detroit on Dec. 19. They lost their other 10 tries — make that 11 after Wednesday — and most of them weren’t even close: only two were decided by six points or less.

And the number 9? That’s how many road games the Jazz have left against winning teams. (source)

GULP. Hopefully, what Ronnie B says about this being a different Jazz team than the one that achieved the-opposite-of-achieved that record is true.

–What’s up with AK’s minutes, or lack of? I get that Boozer is back and commanding being given minutes and that translates to less PT for the guys that have been busting their asses to keep the Jazz in it for the entire season, but when Boozer is sucking it up on the floor, don’t you need to put in the guys that give you a chance to win?

AK’s minutes are no longer being monitored, but he’s only played around 20 MPG since coming back. He’s now not getting subbed in until the start of the 2nd and 4th. It could be argued that if he’d played more in the last game, during which he played great D on Joe Johnson in the 4th, Johnson wouldn’t have gone off for 31 points. We need [more] AK on the floor to win. Full stop.

Boozer was tagged with a key offensive foul late in Wednesday’s game.

Bibby fell to the floor, the call was made, the Hawks maintained their four-point cushion at the time and Boozer pled his case to reporters and anyone else interested by showing how he thought he was standing straight and in place. (source)

“Reporters and anyone else interested”? Really, Carlos? First of all, wrong crowd. Second of all, stop talking to reporters.

From My Inbox

Re: wow…

…boozer sucked tonight [at Indiana]. He was blocked three times. Man, if I have a big going against the Jazz, I’m definitely going to start that person b/c I know he’ll block boozer 2 or 3 times.

Even casual-NBA, non-Jazz fans notice.

Around the NBA

Is Dwight Howard human? (via Give Me the Rock)

And Tex Winter says that he sees a lot of warts on the Lakers. I assume he means in the locker room.

Next Up
A 1 a.m. home game for Boozer at Miami, followed by a 6 a.m. game at Disney World (home of the real Superman, not the fat, petulant, whiny Big Impostor.)

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