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STFU and Play

March 11, 2009

SLTrib had a variety of Boozer quotes today in their Jazz update today, including:

–“It felt like something I could handle, so I’m going to go play.”
–He said the pain in the ankle was not gone, but it was more manageable compared to Sunday.
–Boozer said the decision to sit out Sunday was not a case of playing it safe to avoid being sorry with four games remaining on the Jazz’s trip. “I’d be hurting my team more than I’d be helping my team if I played on it,” Boozer said. “It ended up helping me because now it feels a lot better.”

How much do I miss Stock and Mailman right now? You could have beaten them half to death, and they wouldn’t admit to any injuries. You could have beaten them half to death with a spiked mace, giving them a slew of new injuries, and they still wouldn’t admit to any pain. They didn’t need to talk about how injured they were before games so that they would have an excuse to fall back on if they played like crap.

They just came to play, period. And if they had a bad game and the Jazz lost, it wasn’t because they were injured, playing through pain, or because Memo lost his man (the man that you claim was his man, but actually you were guarding all night) on defense or failed to respond to your “Ahhhhhh! Block it, Memo!” form of D.

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