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Game 64 – Bench Steps Up Again

March 11, 2009

This was a great team win, with both the starters and subs doing their part, but it was the bench–Sap (22 & 9), KK (11, 5, 3, 1s, 2b), and AK (9, 3, 1, 1s, 1b)–that really stepped up with hustle plays and got us the W.

DWill had perhaps the worst shooting night of his life (1 of 9), but racked up 5r, 12a, 5s, 2b, and only 2 TOs. Ronnie B had 18 (including 8 of 8 FTs), 3r, 3a, and 5s and Memo had 24 & 6.

As usual, the Jazz didn’t pull away until there were 5 minutes remaining in the game. On the Pacers side, Troy Murphy (7 of 8 on 3s and 9 boards in the first half) looked like he was going to kill the Jazz on his own. Thankfully, he only got off two shots in the second half and made neither. Hibbert, meanwhile, had 5 blocks, including 3 on Boozer.

For the second time in the second game of this 5-game road trip, FB looked like he was playing for the opposing team. He shot 4-13, and the rest of his line was 7r, 3 TO, 1s, 3 BA, 4f. Jerry saved my sanity by subbing him out with 6 minutes left (not coincidentally, that’s when the Jazz started taking over and built a tenuous 3-point lead to 14).

In the post-game, Boozer said, “The more basketball I play, the more comfortable I’ll be.” I guess that explains that, then.


Are we for real? Tomorrow will help us tell: third game of a road trip, second of a back-to-back, against an Eastern conference team. Stay tuned.

P.S. What is up with DWill’s hair lately? It’s even worse that that mini-fro he sported in college. Maybe I’m not a total homer after all.

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