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Game 63 – Midnight Madness

March 9, 2009

So the game wasn’t at 3 a.m. after all, but 12:30 a.m. I guess the schedule has been tweaked since October, and I would never have known and would have missed the game completely if it weren’t for fantasy basketball.

Speaking of missing the game completely, Boozer apparently sprained his ankle during the last game and decided not to play. However, Jerry was talking earlier about how Boozer and Sap would have problems guarding the Raps’ longer frontline. So nice of Boozer to not tell anyone that he was injured and wouldn’t play, and great sense of timing that he has, didn’t bother to inform the Jazz FO of it before they sent Fess and Almond to the D-League.

Because this game started at 10:30 a.m. Utah time and they’d lost an hour due to Daylight Savings, DWill fell asleep on the taping table 15 minutes before game time, while KK relied on his energy drink (was it Evo?) to get him through. The Jazz came out well enough in the first, but were abducted by aliens in the second, when they missed seven layups and shot 8-23. Our grizzled veteran trio (Harp: 0-4; Knight: 0-1; JC: 1 TO and 3 fouls) looked particularly shabby. Not that the other guys looked great: DWill was 3-9 and AK 1-6 at halftime.

The third quarter took place at the FT line. Toronto shot 12 FTs in the quarter compared to the Jazz’s 3. At the end of 3, the Jazz had registered only 3 more fouls than the Raps, but the Raps had a 24-9 FTA advantage. Things reversed in the 4th, when the Raps shot 2 FTs to the Jazz’s 19. The Jazz did play a good 4th quarter though, with DWill registering his second dunk of the year and KK (Locke: “the defensive stalwart”) first blocking Bosh with 3:55 left and then stealing the ball from him with 2:20 left.

Memo (19 & 11) and Sap (18 & 11) had DDs, while DWill had 25 & 9. AK and KK were huge off the bench with great hustle plays. All in all, a nice road win. And without Boozer doing what Boozer do, I enjoyed an apoplexy-free game. Sweet.

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