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Off Day Odds and Ends

March 8, 2009

–At this blog, we (and by “we” I mean “I”) believe in the dark power of jinxes. Therefore, there will be no talk here of any string-of-games-with-same-overall-result-that-must-not-be-named.

Fess and Almond were sent down to the D-League today. I’ve been thinking about this a while and trying to figure out who would benefit the most from D-League action. IMO, Almond stands to benefit the least as he is not a D-Leaguer, but not yet an NBA-er. You just feel bad for the kid. Utah Jazz Nation was so excited when he was drafted, but his career has kind of derailed (partly no thanks to the emergence of Ronnie B at the 2) and not getting to play isn’t helping his future.

KK2, on the other hand, I think would benefit the most from Flash minutes. I think there is tons and tons he can learn from playing with the Flash. Unfortunately, he is also the one out of the three most able to help the Jazz right now. Fess is a tough call because his development (or lack thereof) seems to be the result of a personality thing which would indicate that D-League or not, it all depends on him to get his act together.

Ronnie B gets a shoutout from his cousin, Guilty Simpson, in “The Future”:

Jerry’s lighter side:

The opening question at his media availability wasn’t really a question. It was more a statement. When a reporter said, “Big game tonight,” Sloan just looked at him.

“What?” the Jazz coach said.

“Big game tonight,” the reporter repeated.

“What?” Sloan said,

“Big game tonight,” the reporter said again, sounding a little nervous.

With that, Sloan smiled and said, “Would you say that a little louder, so my players can hear it?”

Sloan also got a laugh after completing an interview with Channel 2’s Ron Bird… He complimeted Bird on his appearance — especially his stylish pink-lavender shirt.

When Bird asked the Jazz coach if he would wear a shirt like the one he was wearing, Sloan said, “Sure, if I could afford it.” (source)

–And then, there’s Jerry’s Jerry side (Jazz players talking about what would happen if a Jazzman pulled a Melo and refused to come out of a game):

“I don’t even want to know what would happen if anyone tried that with him,” Kyle Korver said. “That only happens when someone thinks they’re bigger than everyone and everything else. And that’s not going to happen here.”

“It wouldn’t be pretty,” said C.J. Miles, half-laughing, half-shuddering. “You either wouldn’t play the rest of the year, or you’d get kicked off the team. And if you didn’t come out, he’d probably go out and pull you off the floor.”

“Oh, he’d come out of the game all right,” Sloan said (on what he’d do in that situation). “I think I could get a guy out of a game if I had to. And if I couldn’t, that’s why they have security.”

“We’d come out,” Miles said. “No doubt.”

“Wheeeeewww,” added Paul Millsap. (source)

–This actually isn’t technically an off-day post when you consider the next game is in 9 hours. The team bus is apparently leaving from the Jazz’s Toronto hotel for the game at 7 a.m. Utah time. Crazy.

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