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Game 61 – U Can’t Touch This…Stop! Ninja Time

March 5, 2009

Deron Williams will beat you with his eyes closed.

Fans purchased tickets or tuned in to watch the Jazz play the Rockettes, but instead were anti-treated to a show featuring three guys running around on the court while–whoa!–simultaneously blowing whistles randomly. The performance was so appalling, it overshadows my win happiness.*

Thankfully, Ninja Time saved the day. This is how it went down:

The Rockettes had closed to within 4 with 1:30 left when DWill (26 & 14) turns the ball over. On the next possession, Ronnie B takes a charge that fouls out Yao**, Boozer misses a mid-range jumper and Ronnie B gets the offensive board. DWill hits a clutch shot, but Ron Ron connects on a 3. DWill then hits another clutch, clutch 20-foot dagger to put the Jazz up 5 with 20 seconds left. After Adelman takes a time out, Ronnie B steals the ball from Landry and the Rockettes foul the rest of the way.

Ronnie B obviously played just as crucial a role during this sequence as DWill. So maybe he’s…the samurai, to DWill’s ninja. Samurais are warriors that have swords, with which they cut and slash (I assume; I could be way off base as my knowledge of Japanese history is less than nonexistent). Samurais are also supposed to be extremely loyal to their lords and last week Ronnie said:

“Coach Sloan knows my personality and I’m starting to read him a little better. He knows when he gets after me, it motivates me. I’m not a guy who, if he yells or cusses at me, is going to lie down and not play. He thought I wasn’t hustling and I wasn’t being productive, so he chewed me out. But I like that kind of stuff.” (source)

Moving on…

I know that Jazz fans are super eager to declare Boozer back, but let’s not be too hasty. Yes, he made almost half of his shots and got a lot of rebounds, but I do recall him having one good game amidst a crapload of stinkers during the Playoffs last year. Not to mention that he remains clueless about what constitutes offensive and over the back fouls. Before we declare anything, let’s see him have a reasonable string of ten or twenty good games…oh wait. There are only 20 games left in the season.

Other notes:
Memo had the best three-point shooting month (67.7%) in NBA history in February, and AK had the assist of the month and perhaps season last night:

*Seriously. In what world do we, in our own house, have 1/3 the FTAs and twice the fouls of the visiting team through 3+ quarters?

**Ronnie B credits Matty for learning to take a charge:

“I get that a lot in practice going against Matt Harpring, so it prepares me a little bit,” he said. “Matt crashes in there. Usually when I’m in practice having to go against him it’s a tough test. But it prepares me to go into guys like Ron Artest, and try to defend guys when Yao Ming comes across the middle.” (source)



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