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Random Off Day Odds and Ends

March 4, 2009

Our much ballyhoo’ed !!!FULL ROSTER!!! lasted for a total of…1 game (Game 57 vs. Atlanta). Harp sat out Game 58 due to back problems, and Fess sat out 59 and 60 due to “flu-like symptoms” and didn’t make the trip to GS. We’ll see if we can get the full roster season total up to two against Houston, as Memo tweaked his knee in GS and Brev Brev is suffering from a sore Achilles tendon.

Perhaps on a related note, Sap is now sporting a leg brace after going knee brace-free for the first time in months vs. Atlanta.

–Sean Deveney of The Sporting News is, until he changes his mind right before the vote, currently casting his COY vote for Jerry, and voices the words in every Jazz fan’s heart when he says, “Just give it to him, already.”

–Someone obviously told Hot Rod to stop calling KK “Cal,” and Hot Rod is still adjusting to the correct pronunciation of “Kyle.” In the meantime, he’s giving us everything from “Kallie” and “Kylee” to “Ky-luh” and “Ky-yole.” I say just let him call him “Cal.” It’s part of Hot Rod’s charm and nowhere in the territory of “Slick Willy.”

UPDATE: Fess was sent home before the game against the Rockettes due to a viral infection.

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