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The Harpring Family Football Philosophy and other bits

March 1, 2009

GET UP! (mp3)

(as taught to Matty by his father, former Michigan football player Jack Harpring)

I don’t think it came as a surprise to anyone that Dirk the Dick gave an interview this past week and threw his teammates, former teammates, former coaches, other teams, refs, and retired players he has no connection to under the bus (via Truehoop) and blamed everyone and their mother for his failure to win a championship…when he has not shown or proven that he has the ability or mental fortitude to carry his team to consistent postseason wins and the most recent Playoff memories of him involve only choking, whining, and hair flipping.

One of the people he whine whine whined about in particular was Shawn Bradley:

I know I’m not in an individual sport. If I were in track and field maybe I would have won something big by now. … Sure it’s bitter sometimes when a teammate doesn’t invest the necessary time. The best example was Shawn Bradley. He would some times come to training camp and not had a ball in his hands for four months.

I don’t know if Shawn saw the interview, but a day after Dirk’s interview was published, Shawn was doing a radio interview and a conversation about how Boozer’s Matador D has gotten even worse segued into how Dirk’s idea of playing D was letting other players blow by him and then yelling “C’mon Shawn, block that!” (mp3) (hmmm…just like Boozer. “Block it Memo!”)

It’s been a sad, tough week for Jerry…first LHM, then Norm Van Lier (former teammate and babysitter) and Johnny Kerr (former teammate and coach) on the same day. RIP to Johnny Kerr as well.

The memorial patches for LHM were perfect. So were the flowers sent by the Jazz organization to the viewing and funeral.

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