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“You don’t want to screw with Jerry Sloan,” etc.

February 25, 2009

Monson and Graham were talking about how Harp is always the toughest man on the [Jazz’s] floor. During their weekly interview with Mark Eaton, they asked Mark who he thinks is the second guy on the Jazz that would get in there and mix it up and has his teammates’ backs. Eaton thinks it’s Sap, that Sap is the guy he wants next to him (after Harp). Sap is definitely tough, but when it comes to standing up for your guys, something makes me think that it’s Ronnie B…

While we’re on the topic of Matty and toughness, the Jazz’s trio of PGs responded to some random questions and all three voted Matty as the “strongest teammate in the weight room.” Ronnie P and DWill also said that Almond is the funniest guy on the team (unexpected), while Brev Brev said it’s Ronnie P.

Meanwhile, DWill was on the Colin Cowherd Show (or whatever it’s called) and the 7-minute interview rapidly disintegrated towards the end into Cowherd raving, by himself, about how tough Jerry is (and don’t think I didn’t enjoy hearing every second of it, because I surely did). Cowherd thinks that if every NBA coach got into a fist fight or MMA fight, Jerry would win, and win easily–while Phil Jackson would not because he’s “old and crumply.”

Can’t disagree, although DWill did due to Jerry’s age. I still think Jerry + Harp could take out any other NBA duo.

After DWill hung up, Cowherd continued on, “Jerry Sloan is tough. Go look up Jerry Sloan’s resume…oh no, he’s like a fighter. You don’t want to screw with him…he’d take Bobby Knight over his knee and spank him, not even close. You don’t want to screw with Jerry Sloan.”

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