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Game 55 – KG is injured!!!! Oh and BTW, the Jazz win

February 20, 2009

Former football player Matt Harpring, who comes from a football family, celebrates as the final buzzer sounds. Standing to his left is Jerry Sloan, who is the longest tenured coach in North American pro sports.

(Incidentally, did Yahoo Sports’ contract with Getty Images expire over All-Star weekend or something? Yahoo has only had crappy AP pictures since the break.)

This was exactly the kind of slow-down, grind-it-out game (halftime score: 39-38) that Harp should get plenty of minutes in. And he did. This was precisely the kind of game when the Jazz needed to play their wily, unathletic vets. And they did. And we won. And I’m super elated.

This was a great, great team effort and the Jazz won because they were on national TV they were able to find defensive intensity. DWill running the offense. Memo’s clutch shots. AK providing spark, energy, lift, hustle. And Ronnie B, Harp, and KK’s effort on D, which helped Ray Ray and Paul “Miraculous Healer” Pierce go a combined 11-34. It was also quite obvious that Harp got into Pierce’s head.

Despite continued shooting putridicity (1-7), Jerry left KK in in the 4th because of his D, and that was great to see. Knight missed his only shot, meaning he is now 1-20 since 1/21. But it all worked out, even though it almost didn’t.

During the first half, the only thing that really caught my attention was that Jerry had gotten a haircut (maybe he got it during the break, but I didn’t get to watch the last game). We shot 19% in the 1st quarter and managed to improve that to 29% at the half. Collins was the second leading assister–with 1–and the Jazz couldn’t get the lead, much less build a lead, despite holding a 15-5 FTA advantage. But why am I harping on about the negatives? The Jazz came together and beat the champs, and it feels like the NBA is our oyster.

Of course, the national media doesn’t want you to know that. It only wants you to know that “OMG!!! KG of the CELTICS is injured!!!” Which is the sequel to “The LAKERS are tired and lost to some random team (Kobe, Kobe, Kobe).”

Yaboo Sports:
Fox Sports:

The TNT guys mentioned several times during the night’s broadcast that Boozer was talking to Cheryl Miller about when he’s coming back. Ugh. Can he just stop talking, full stop? No one wants to hear about when he thinks he’s coming back.

“(Today), if it goes really good, we’ll move on from there…As long as my knee feels good,” Boozer added, “I’ll be back on the court.”

Thanks for the tiresome, non-newsworthy, non-informational update with a built-in out and tons of conditionals, Carlos.

Hey Utah media. I’m talking to you too. sltrib published the scintillating story, “Boozer set to practice today,” while desnews published the thriller, “Boozer out tonight but hopes to practice Friday.” Whoop-de-do. Just tell us when he actually is back and maintain radio silence until then, will ya?

Finally, True Blue Jazz has some breaking news:

Jazz lose their best post season player! The Utah Jazz suffered a huge set back in their post season hopes today when Houston Rockets Pseudo Star Tracy McGrady announced he will be having microfracture knee surgery and will not play the remainder of the season. (more)

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