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Discelebrating Chris Webber

February 7, 2009

On the occasion of Chris Webber’s jersey being retired by the Kings tonight, the desnews helps me remember, in detail, why he sucks in Jazzland (and yes, it is personal):

It’s been nearly 10 years, but the Jazz coach still vividly remembers when the 6-foot-10 Webber whacked 6-1 John Stockton to the floor to send a message to the Jazz just nine seconds into a playoff game in 1999.

Sloan is still amazed Stockton got up.

“I thought that was one of the toughest, hardest hits I’ve ever seen a guy (get) hit and then get up. I mean, he knocked him (down),” Sloan recalled. “John will probably tell ya he didn’t think he could get up. He got up and it showed what toughness he had.”

It also showed Sloan a lot about Webber’s character.

“There’s no question John Stockon’s toughness compared to Webber’s, because if you’re going to hit somebody you go get the biggest guy out there and level him,” Sloan said. “Don’t go after the smallest guy and knock him down. That doesn’t show any toughness. He could have hurt John Stockton real easy.”

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