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Game 50 Preview – A lotta Harp, a lotta JC…

February 4, 2009
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…is what I want to see against DAL and Dick. Get into his head and out of the game early.

When the Jazz played Indiana last month, I thought to myself that Indiana must be the whitest team in the NBA. Turns out, they are.

Indiana has a league-high five [white American] players – – Travis Diener, Mike Dunleavy, Jeff Foster, Josh McRoberts and Troy Murphy – – while Minnesota and Portland each have four. [source]

Kind of surprising that “there are [only] 46 white Americans out of 432 players on current NBA rosters” while “Atlanta, Detroit, Memphis and Washington have no white American players.” And despite public perception, Utah only has 3 of the 46 (Harp, KK, KK2).

From desnews’ blog:

Apparently, Kyrylo Fesenko wants to be a reporter when he grows up. Last week while reporters interviewed Deron Williams, the big Ukrainian stood in the half-circle of media members and pretended to interview the point guard before practice.

The 22-year-old did the same thing in the locker room after Monday night’s game, when reporters huddled to ask Jarron Collins about his contributions to the Jazz’s win over the Charlotte Bobcats.

This time, Fesenko even humorously interrupted interviewers.

That’s how big of a game Collins had Monday – when he scored a season-high six points and grabbed a couple of rebounds during a key stretch in the fourth quarter – even the international press wanted comments from him.

“Can I ask question?” Fesenko blurted out to Collins.

“Can you ask A question?” the Stanford grad answered, emphasizing the A in an effort to help improve Fesenko’s English skills. “Sure.”

With permission granted and an audience standing by, Fesenko proceeded with his Q&A session.

“Does it help that you yesterday play with me RockBand?” he asked. [Fess and JC live across the hall from each other in the same apartment complex.]

“That definitely helped my confidence and my coordination,” Collins responded, “because I was able to get into a rhythm.”

That, apparently, was the answer Fes was looking for.

“You see?” he said to the other members of the working media.

Yep, we saw. Can’t wait to see his report, either, although it appears his deadline was later than mine and his memory sharper. Fesenko, you see, conducted his interview without a notebook or recorder and he left EnergySolutions Arena instead of heading to the media room to file his story.

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