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Boozer vs. Sap: Prelude

January 22, 2009

I’ve had a post on Boozer and Sap in my drafts for quite some time now, but I don’t know when I’ll get around to putting it together into readable form. Two quotes from today’s papers caught my eye, and they show how different these two players are.

Sap, post-game: “I felt like I didn’t play to my best in Dallas and that’s the reason why we lost. I wanted to come today, spark a little energy and continue to do what I’ve been doing.” (source

I just wanted to step up. I had a tough last game; I’m not used to doing that. I felt like I needed to crash the boards hard tonight, and it got me some easy baskets.” (source)

It should be noted that Sap was hobbling and limping around before and after the game, and post-game had three of his four limbs wrapped in ice. He puts losses on himself, and comes out the next game with motivation to play well or play better regardless of his physical condition.

In stark contrast:

Boozer, pre-game on when he expects to return: “Four, five, six weeks — whatever it ends up being.

Per desnews report:  “Speaking Tuesday to reporters for the first time since his surgery, [Boozer] was noncommittal when asked about the timetable.”

The article goes on to note that if Boozer ends up sitting for a full six weeks, he wouldn’t come back to play until Feb. 21, which just happens to be the Jazz’s first game after the trade deadline.  And obviously no trade could go through unless he passes a physical.

He also said, “fantastic, better than I thought it was gonna be.”  No, he wasn’t talking about losing his virginity.  He was talking about his surgery.  Who talks about a surgery like that?!

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